The city council holds regular meetings in the council chamber of the City Hall, which start at 7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. Special meetings of the mayor and the city council may be called by the mayor or a majority of the members of the council. The notice for a special meeting shall specify the business to be considered at the special meeting. It shall be signed by the officers calling for the special meeting. The mayor, or in his absence the mayor pro tempore, shall be the presiding officer of the city council.

Meet the Harahan City Council

Tim  Councilman Tim Baudier

   Sue 2 small  Councilman Susan Benton

 Dana  Councilman Dana Huete

Craig   Councilman Craig Johnston
                                 Cellular:  (504) 259-5763

 Carrie  Councilman Carrie Wheeler
                                  Cellular:  (504) 450-5484