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STORM ALERT: A Message from Mayor Tim Baudier

To the residents of Harahan:

First of all, Barry has been named a Hurricane and the State of Louisiana and Jefferson Parish have declared a State of Emergency.

The City of Harahan and its applicable departments have ramped up efforts to be fully prepared in every way. We have our Storm Plan mapped out and we are now in the implementation stage.

Please follow all plans being spelled out by the local authorities via various media outlets. Also, I want to issue a personal request to my fellow Harahan citizens. Please prepare properly for the threat of high winds, high rainfall amounts and the possibility of power outages. Please help the neighborhood by properly storing away potential flying objects and help to keep storm drains and catch basins free of debris. And, last but not least, please help your neighbors in need.

I would like to express my appreciation to our Jefferson Parish Councilman Paul Johnston and our State Representative Kirk Talbot for their efforts to assist Harahan. 


* All recreational activities will be cancelled through Monday. 

* Entergy repairs will only be done once winds are lower than 30 miles per hours.

* Over 3,300 bags of sand were picked up by citizens of Harahan over the past couple of days. Unfortunately, we are out of sand now.

* Driving on flooded streets is illegal. Citizens can file and testify to complaints. The Harahan Police Department will issue Citations. It is also illegal to drive around barricades. Violators will be prosecuted.

* It is recommended that homeowners take pictures of their property in the event of an insurance claim due to any damages. 

If case of emergency, please call 911.

*** Please view our most recent Storm Press Conference by CLICKING HERE ***

Be safe,

Mayor Tim Baudier




Harahan Mayor